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Types of room in Hotel

     what are the types of room in a hotel ?

There are total 18 types of rooms , the rooms price ranges from cheap to high and also on season basis, for example :- the room prices are high in December due to Christmas and New Year so prices differ.

1]  Single Room: A single room has a single bed for single occupancy. It is a standard room having a dressing cum-writing table.

2] Double Room: It is a room with one double bed meant for two people. It is a standard room having a dressing cum-writing table.

3] Deluxe Room This room is well furnished, carpeted and
more suitable for single persons and small families.
Deluxe Rooms are available with Single and Double

4] Twin Room : A room with two single beds meant for two people having only one bedside table between the two beds.

5] Hollywood  Twin : Hollywood Twin is room with two single beds and one single headboard meant for two people. When need arises, the two beds can be bridged together to make it appear as a double room.

6] Studio : The studio room is the room for the guest with option of self catering. It has a queen size bed, air
conditioning, fan and screens. There is also a dining
area and a seating area.

7] Penthouse Suite : A penthouse suite is mostly on the highest floors of hotel building. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other rooms by luxury features. A penthouse suite may also provide occupants with private access to the roof space above the suit, instead of in addition to terrace space created by an adjacent sit back.

8] Suite : A suite in a hotel mostly denotes a class of luxury rooms. Suites offer more space and furniture than a basic hotel room. In addition to the standard bed and bedroom fixtures, a suite will typically add a living room,usually with a couch that folds into a bed. Dining, office and kitchen facilities are also added in some suites.
Many large hotels have one or more "honeymoon” suites", and sometimes the best room is called the "presidential suite". Some hotels now offer only regular suites. Regular suites are particularly aimed at business  travelers who would both appreciate additional space  and may use it to host small meetings or entertain

9] Parlour : A parlour is a room equipped and furnished for a special function or business. It is generally a lavishly rooms with more facilities like bar, pantry massage. Usually the room is sold on hourly basis.

10] Executive Room: It is larger bedroom with a sitting area provided with chairs and usually sofa. dressing
table as well as a writing table.

11] Duplex Room : A set of rooms not on the same level but iti is connected by an internal staircase. Generally, the parlour is at the lower level and the bedrooms are at the upper level.

12] Interconnected Rooms: Two rooms adjacent to each other having an interconnecting door allowing entry from one room to another without having to go through the corridor.The interconnecting doors can be opened or locked as per the guest’s choice.

13] Efficiency Room: It is a room with some kitchen
facilities found in motels and residential hotels.

14] Cabana: Cabana is situated away from the main hotel building, in the vicinity of a swimming pool or sea beach.It may or may not have beds & is generally used as a changing room & not as a bedroom.

15] Lanai: A lanai has a veranda or roofed patio, & is often furnished & used as a living room. It generally has a view of a garden or sea beach.

16] Adjacent Room: An adjacent room is very close to
another room but does not share a common wall with it.

17] Adjoining Room: An adjoining room shares a wall with another hotel room but is not connected by a door. It shares a common wall.

18] Hospitality Room: A hospitality room is designed for
hotel guests who would want to entertain their own
guest outside their room allocated. Such rooms are
generally charged on an hourly basis.


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